Deep update - out in the field?


We are finishing off a prototype for product using the Spark Core, and today I can’t seem to subscribe to the events published by the Spark. This has been working perfectly for around 2 months and today it doesn’t work. I’ve logged in to the web IDE to find that my Spark Core needs a deep update and that the program I’ve written might be need to be re-flashed after the deep update.

My question/concern is that once my product is out in the field and this happens I will have to re-call the product and/or notify clients.

Please advise, as this prototype was going amazingly well and near completion until this happened today.

Thanks in advance.

Events should work fine without the deep update.

Were there any changes to the code?

Deep update can be performed remotely by you simply through the web ide. Also, what is your plan for introducing firmware updates? It might be good to plan that in for your product! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the feedback.
There were no code updates. As I mentioned this has been working fine for around 2 months and all of sudden stops working, so I head into the web IDE and it asks me for the deep update. It seems strange that it suddenly stops sending events after working solidly for 2 months on the day I get the Depp Update notification in my web IDE.

I don’t want to perform the update via the web as that process would interfere with the operation of the devices out in the field. I guess I will have to investigate a mechanism for the end user to update the firmware at their convenience.


It shouldn’t overwrite the events publishing at all. Did you have another core setup on your side which requires an update but is unable to receive any events?

Hi @robertral

I would make sure that your access token has not expired.

That is the most common cause of the cloud suddenly not working.

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Hi @bko,

Thanks, for your reply. The access token has expired, and I will try this aginst the Core when I get back to the office. I guess it was just unfortunate timing that it expired at the same time the Depp Update message came up in my web IDE. I owe you a beer! thanks again for your help.

Do you know the duration/life time of an access token?

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@robertral, tokens have a lifetime of 90 days right now. The Spark Team is working on being to manage that time so you can set it to any time including never expiring. I am not sure what the ETA on that is. :smile:

Thanks all. Really appreciate the help.