Spark cli: deep_update_2014_06 not found

Performing a "Deep update"instuctions on lack something, as I cant do them:

N:\Spark>npm update -g spark-cli
npm http GET
npm http 304

N:\Spark>spark flash --usb deep_update_2014_06
Please specify a firmware file to flash locally to your core

N:\Spark>spark flash****** deep_update_2014_06
I couldn't find that: deep_update_2014_06

I don’t think it is official yet so the bin file might not be in yet.



It’s in the bin though…

but yet to be included in the known app since the official announcement is not out yet.

Let’s wait for awhile more until the .bin is really stable :smiley:

It’s in the repo but hasn’t been version bumped and pushed to npm.js yet… I just snagged the binary and put it in a directory and used spark flash --usb path_to_where_I_downloaded_it.bin

I’m not sure if you guys want to take the risk of doing so since it hasn’t been fully tested.

I believe it should either be present as knownApp either not present in instructions at all