Is console Vitals available for Xenon?


I have a small setup of an Argon + Xenon. Both are connecting properl and are visible in the Cloud Console, but the Xenon is not providing Vitals information (Argon Does). Is this feature available for Xenon, i.e. am I supposed to see the Vitals data?


am I supposed to see the Vitals data?

No because there are no mesh connectivity tools. The Device Vitals is aimed at cellular mainly and WiFi connected devices hence why you get details for the Argon which is WiFi connected.

Indeed, if your Xenon was cloud connected via the Mesh network or in an ethernet featherwing and cloud connected it would not be able to retrieve device vitals either. We are waiting for the outcome of Particle’s product planning for 2020 - there may be some development in the area of Mesh monitoring tools.