Claiming Issue with Xenon

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Hope you are all doing well. I am newbie here. I am sorry If I am doing something wrong. I am trying to start an iot project. I will send data to server with sim800L or GPRS A6. I have 3 Xenons, one will be central device the others will collect temp and humidity data and send data to cloud server via sim800L or GPRS A6 but when I try to setup my Xenon, It looks for mesh to connect. Do I need to have an Argon to do it? In order to do it, I believe I need to claim my device on Web IDE but I am not allowed to do it. How can I manage to claim Xenon without an Argon? I am waiting for your valuable comments. Thank you for your time to read. Regards.

Welcome to the Forum. You will need an Argon or Boron or Xenon to be the mesh gateway - see

You can use a smartphone to claim the xenon (get the particle app in the app store) or you can use the command line via USB see

The Xenon will need the Ethernet Wing to be a gateway see

In any of these cases you will need to integrate the SIM800 or gprs moduel. If this is not a mandatory requirement then why not use a Boron (either LTE or 3G/2G version) ?

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