Where do I begin?

Every video and direction i have been given has failed.

How do these boards talk to a computer? I cant claim the board because those steps do not work for me?

Which board do you use? If you are using xenon you cannot claim because it does not have a gateway. But you can use it in Standalone mode. If you are using other boards you should be able to claim by Particle app.

Also, If you don’t need to connect to cloud, you do not need to claim the device.

Thank you for the response.

I am using the Argon and the Xenon boards,

I can not claim the Argon because those procedures fail. I am not doing anything with the Xenon’s since you have abandon that platform.

I can not talk to the board like an Arduino. All of the videos and al lof the directions have not provided any positive steps and I am at a loss as to where to turn for help becuase none of it has been accurate or clear.

I suspect that the board is bad since all of Particle’s videos and printed directions have not been able to get me to the point that I can even see the board

I can do the first steps of the claim but it will not show anything else. I am at a loss with your boards at this point and have no where to turn for help.

Sorry for my terse response but it is aggravating that no one at Particle seems to be able to help.

I think that I will be abandoning the platform all together and do it with Arduino/Pi’s/Beaglebones.

I am throwing in the towel.

Thank you for the response and I wish you the best with the platform. It showed great promise.