Device vitals (Signal strength / signal quality), in console and published

I see in the tutorial that the signal strength is supposed to be in the console (right column under “device vitals”).
Not so for my Xenons (neither for Argon).
I would firstly like to implement this (is action is needed from my side).

Eventually I wish to remotely call a function to send both signal strength and quality, but are currently going nowhere with my efforts.

I expect Cellular.RSSI() from CellularSignal class not to be available on Xenon.

Any indication for either would be much appreciated.

I have an Argon flashed to 0.8.0-rc.26, and the console displays device vitals for it. Perhaps you just need to upgrade your system firmware.

Hmm, am i missing something ?
My Argon run “0.8.0-rc.27” and show:
Device vitals
Jan 27th, 2019, 07:18PM
0 disconnect events
195ms round-trip time
0 rate-limited publishes
83kB of 167kB RAM used

Xenon is on “0.8.0-rc.27” and show:
Device vitals
Jan 27th, 2019, 07:18PM
0 disconnect events
698ms round-trip time
0 rate-limited publishes
62kB of 167kB RAM used
Did you do anything (beside just looking at the console) ?

I don’t think it’s available yet for Xenon/Argon, I’m not seeing it for my devices whereas my Photons show wifi; ie : Good Wi-Fi signal
The tooltip for this stat says: The strength of the device’s connection to the Cellular network, measured in decibels of received signal power. The device’s signal strength is in a healthy range, with a signal power value of -64 dBm (the closer to 0, the stronger the signal).

Sure; it is a possibility that “Device vitals” are not yet implemented on Xenon (mesh).
but nothing suggest this in the doccumentation. for Xenon, on the contrary.
Is there a list of functions not yet available ?

the only one I have found is:

Known limitations
Cellular.command() not implemented on the Boron38
Sleep modes have not been implemented for 3rd Gen devices126
Argons do not currently support connections to IPv6-only networks
Ethernet Featherwings do not support connections to IPv6-only networks
The current version of the CLI (1.38.0) has incomplete support for 3rd gen hardware:

Hey guys!

This feature is not yet implemented as a part of the mesh firmware. I checked with @avtolstoy to confirm this.

I can’t make any promises, but we might be able to see about sneaking this into the next firmware release or two!

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Would be very nice.
This is second on my list, just after sleep modes
How is list of the development team ordered ?

In the tutorials I think there is a note under sleep modes that this is not yet implemented, sad but convenient to know when one is investigating why it does not work.
Could you please update other parts of the tutorials to indicate when a feature is not implemented I (probably others) are wasting time correcting code on non available features.

Hmm, I can see this

Sorry, just corrected my misspelling
Under Sleep modes, there is a note
Under Device Vitals I have not been able to locate it…
how about other places ?

This may be something to inform @rickkas7 of. Much of mesh’s documentation is based from our Photon/Electron. While we do intend for a 1:1 implementation, not all implementations may be out yet and the documentation may have a feature or two not yet tagged with this.

Sorry about the confusion!