IOS app crashes when trying to connect to Photon

Hi, Just received a photon device and I’m trying to go through connecting it to my WiFi however the iPhone app is crashing.

I have connected to the WiFi access point on the Photon (Photon-) and then attempted to connect to the device. I have opened the app and entered ‘+’ on the ‘Your Devices’ window to add my device. I then get the ‘Setup New Device’ pane and I click on ‘Photon’ which navigates me to a screen listing the pre-requisites and I click ‘Ready’. This then takes me to the screen telling me to connect to the network titled 'Photon-’ - I see the busy cursor for a couple of seconds and then the app crashes??

The device has a flashing blue LED which I believe is the correct mode.

I am attempting to connect from an iPhone 6 running IOS 9.3.2.



any updates? i’m experiencing exactly the same behavior.

iPhone 5S
IOS 10.2.
Particle 2.2

UPDATE: I had been choosing ‘skip authentication’ during the process. It stopped crashing when I signed up for an account.