Internet Chat Furby with Spark Core!

With all great helps from this forum, my little spooky fun project is completed and shown at the Makerfaire this year! Thank you everyone for enormous help.


Furby!! Awesome, thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:

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Awesome! When we were going through HAXLR8R, we took a tour of the factory that was assembling the latest Furby—it’s a really complex product! I love this @metaculus! Thanks for sharing!

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@zachary @Dave Thanks a lot! I’d love to try my hands on the latest Furby as well if there’s someone willing to have his/her dissected :smiley:

I was thinking I would get away with using Johnny-five js wrapper to interface with the core since my chat room was written with javaScript as well. It didn’t work out once it’s on the internet (or I was not figuring it), but it turned out programming in Spark build and revisiting C++/Arduino was my most enjoyable experience!

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It’s always nice to hear such positive feedback. Thanks!

Yeah, Johnny Five provides extremely low latency control by setting up a TCP connection directly between the Spark Core & the computer on the local network, so it won’t work if the two devices aren’t on the same subnet.