15 lines of IDE Code --> Full Remote Webserver Control of Spark Core Pins - Done

First, I want to apologize to the Spark Team & community for throwing bones at a great system. That said, and much appreciated help from kennethlimcp & David some code from Gihub that I will document next week as I modify to HTML only control without *.js handling.

From a hosted shared webpage I am able to control multiple pins on the Spark Core utilizing Spark Core Cloud Security token security as well.

Firefox Browser --> Local Router --> Hosted Webpage–> Html/Java --> Spark Cloud --> Local Router --> Spark Core - Relay ON <–> Relay OFF

I will make a youtube video and post link tomorrow.


See —> I knew I could take over the world :slight_smile:


Congrats @spydrop, awesome to hear you’re up and running on your project, and looking forward to seeing what you share!

I’m imagining this “Relay” connecting the power to your --> EZ Bake Oven --> Brownies to Face --> Brownies to Stomach --> Eyes Widening --> Megalomaniac Smile of Epic Proportions Forming --> Gazing down on Earth from secret lab on The Moon --> Pushing Button --> Reactor Charging --> Lasers Powering up --> Solar Flare Disrupts Wifi Signal --> Core Flashing Green --> Smile Fading --> Mom is calling up to your room “Dinner’s Ready…” --> Shuts off Computer Monitor…



Thanks Zach… (Bobby Bows to the man who gave him the power of the Spark Cloud)

Now Come on BDub – Have a since a humor because you don’t know the real extent yet to what is about to happen and you - well, I couldn’t done it without your genius.

The Spark Core should be a great platform for the mental-blocked coding challenged general public too; Right ? What’s wrong with that ? 100% HTML Control - Oh how sweet it is :smile:


Hi Bobby ( @spydrop ) I do like your project, but at 2:23ff you say that you got some feedback that this was impossible and that YOU on the other hand found out it was possible.
Is this not distorting history a bit?
As far as I have followed your endevour to figure out if and how it works, you got lots of feedback that it IS doable and hardly anybody (if any at all) in this community telling you it wouldn’t work.

If you only had left out the “blame” and instead of telling you will give credit to people helping out, actually gave it immediately, rather than taking it from greatly helpful guyes like @kennethlimcp by stating tha YOU figured it out!

@spydrop I was just playing off of the fact that you said you were going to take over the world! I have this dream as well :wink: And yes, I made a brownie in my ez-bake oven when I was 9.

FYI, I don’t care if you give me credit or not (not even sure if I helped you)… all I care about is that you’ve got your Core up and running and you seem quite happy about it! And good job putting the video together and sharing your project with the community. I hope to see more videos from you :smile:

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@BDub I was wondering why I kept on reading posts. I don’t even have a core yet. And then in a nutshell:- [quote=“BDub, post:7, topic:3289”]

FYI, I don’t care if you give me credit or not (not even sure if I helped you)… all I care about is that you’ve got your Core up and running and you seem quite happy about it! And good job putting the video together and sharing your project with the community. I hope to see more videos from you :smile:
That is the reason SPARK CORE is GREAT. Not only is it a piece of electronics wizardry it also renews your faith in humans.
Good on you BDub

p.s. In the near future (subject to core arrival) I am sure going to need some help :slight_smile: and I don’t mid admitting it. LOL


Sorry to imply blame on you or the Spark Community. The internet is a very large web that has multiple sources; could of been any source. I think I qualified in my video the quality of the Spark Core Team and this community. Regards, most people understand that with any community their will be misunderstandings; sorry to say this being one.

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Thank you BDub and to tell you truth I LMAO on the part aobut easy back oven and the mommy calling me for dinner was okay. The part that bothered me just a little was that I turned off my monitor; that’s like Taboo :smile:

On a serious note, you say you don’t need credit and I really do appreciate that but, I will give you 30 seconds to reconsider. What if the wonderful endeavor called the Spark Core using code based on your WebApp resulted in giving back to people something very sacred ? A Human RIght ? Restoring a Freedom that they had n their home and office all their life until this Century. And Again, you may not want to have credit for what I am about to do. won’t mislead you, I am talking about stopping NSA spying at the click of a button.

And Yes ! I am very Happy. Very Happy that you took the time to create a wonderful WebApp that I am going to take a Knife to because my Mom never showed me how to use a fork (LOL)

Again thanks for the help and letting me know that you and this community are here to help.

I welcome help from anyone so I can expedite my mission in life to make sure the SPY’S ARE KICKED IN THE NUTS - AND FOR GOOD !

http://MagicStop.net - Soon to be Spark Controlled !



Thanks @spydrop for clearing this up :thumbsup: and sorry if I might have come accross a bit harsh :zap:

We all like to help out and will need help ourself from time to time - and this here is the most helpful community I ever came accross :smiley:

Its difficult sometimes to know intend of one’s actions unless you call them on it; I am glad you spoke up about my video as from now on (even if only sub-conscientiously) I will take more time to do a better job. I got blasted on a previous video because the focus was off; and I should of taken 15 secs to fix it. I fixed it after I was called on it.

And I agree with you 100% that this community is better than any I’ve see before.

We all can help each other in some way or another. and that’s what I want to do but even more important is getting the word out there about spark core; and this gives me an idea.

Again, thanks for the feedback its welcomed anytime.

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You might want to consider disconnecting all audio devices as well;

If scientist can do that, then I’m sure governament sponsored hackers can do it even better :wink:
Nonetheless, a worthy project, for a good cause!

Yes, even the Smart Electrical meters are now being used to detect power usage in a home in real time. And since these meters can transfer digital signals over these analog power lines as weel, then any home that has one is feeding data to private corporations. Cameras are being added to Cable boxes and are already in Xbox; etc.

However, 95% of all eavesdropping is done over the phone & internet lines. At night where most people leave their computers live to the internet; its a data swipe that goes on and on. If everyone would just shutdown their computers at night it would set the NSA back 5 years.

I think there is a commercial aspect to these activities as well but, the results and people’s private conversations (Now not private) and data in the hands of corrupt people do not help the common man.

Thanks for feedback and the link.