Spark Core control Telco / Internet Privacy Device + Remote

Spark Core (WiFi) + Arduino (Ethernet) + 315Mhz 4 button remote all connected and functional at the same time. The device disconnects my Telephone and/or Router and/or plays a message to unwanted callers.

Now with “SPARK CORE” 100% WiFi and can turn off the Kids Internet / Phone from 100 miles away !

Thank You Spark Core Team and Community for a Job Well Done !

Now, when they release the Cloud time to take control over the world :wink:

Here is video Spark Core + Arduino + 315Mhz Remote

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Man, you have some serious problems with your camera focus or you need glasses: I had to stop the video after 50 seconds as I was getting dizzy by that lack of focus! :smile:

Nice @spydrop ! Thanks for posting the video, we will all look forward to your world-taking-over endeavors :smile: !

One City at a time will be an endeavor; absolutely. (Pssss. Don’t tell anyone but my device, really stops the NSA… but let that be our little secret :wink:

Thanks to @BDub creating such a great HTML/Java app. I am not a programmer so I struggle with the changes but, I get it done eventually. Any one want to help speed up the process of returning Home Privacy to the people of this world (And you all thought I was kidding about that :slight_smile: ) My Invention, Patent Pending, is only Patent so that no one can prevent its development. I make no money from this. Very little will ever come my way and that’s just find; "Its not a mission after I hear from the top political office in this country, “You can not have 100% privacy with convenience” B.S. Lie. :smile:

Video of HTML/Java as modified - Still work in progress:

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The app is definitely no where near where I’d want it to be. Right now the CSS changes are a PITA to make… I would love to have things on a grid, and more automatically resized. I’ve been trying to get a web developer friend of mine interested in helping overhaul it… but so far no luck! I’m the only one I know who likes to do things for free… so then what you get is basically what I have time and attention to create. I would love to spend more time on it because I see it being super useful. It’s obviously making it easy for people to create things quickly, so my first goal has been achieved… but it needs to be better.

Also I have plans to make a small signal relay / power shield… maybe similar to what you describe in your video, but design it so that it fits in a nice weather resistant enclosure. Again, just a simple add-on that makes controlling things easier.

I really appreciate what your app can do as it has saved me hundreds of hours of frustration - if I built something of my own design. Do you do your own electronic / PCB design ? If not, interested in bartering some time as I use Eagle Cad Free, it does 3x4 double layer. Relay boards are easy. Can even design Opto-isolation using 4N25 Phototransistor Optocoupler if you need high voltage switching.

I for one think a custom shield that has wide support of the community needs to be designed and let other companies build to that spec. The Arduino format is way to large for my liking.

About your Remote-Start program and so I do not cut to deep with my knife. If I were to create an input “backend” to allow a user to input variables for Button Names - Output displayed; and match names used in SPARK IDE App using PHP and then make it work under Joomla (1.7/2.5/3.0) as a component, could I distribute it in this manner ?

or, should I wait until you have time to finish App to your liking and then Knife it to Joomla & backend management ?

Thanks for the offer, but I do my own PCB design using Eagle Pro 6.4.0, OrCAD Layout 16.2 and sometimes KiCAD.

Do you mean come up with a standard shield layout that is smaller than the arduino’s, but larger than the Core… something that can be stacked? If so that’s not a bad idea but it might be tough to settle on just the right size.

If you want to iterate on my app, go right ahead! I chopped up the original work of jflasher so don’t forget to ask/mention him as well :wink: Be sure to share it so we can iterate on your work as well!

If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years, even though I want to… I can’t do everything myself. I move it along, you move it along, they move it along, and I can come back and move it along again!

I also try not to get caught up in the attribution thing… it’s obviously nice to get credit, but I’m not going to get bent out of shape if you turn something I made into a million dollar company. It’s like I created a million dollar company without all of the overhead and headaches, win!

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