Neato XV series Wifi Controlled

Here is the latest video, the most important progress so far. Clean command issued simulated usb disconnect and the robot is on its way. Just going to get it talking to the spark core for wifi or possibly the Wifly and build a little html interface on it with a REST api to remotely send commands.

Pretty pumped making the impossible possible via the usb connection. This should all tuck very nicely in the back exhaust section of the Neato and be a simple plug and play install.

This is a work in progress and I plan to keep this topic up to date with progress.


Spark integrated for wifi control via iPhone

Awesome, thanks for sharing @undertoe!

Although it was fun learning the Spark system i have decided to go with a much more compact platform for the USB host interface + native http server and ACM interface. An amazing little device which is a linux based mini wireless router the HAME A15

Has RJ45 nic, Wifi, Serial TX RX, USB host, GPIO, HTTP server all running busy box with a telnet server.

Anyone interested in the project unfolding visit.

The spark is still a great product I will find another use for it!

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Can you do a similar thing for either Roomba 980 robotic vacuum or Roomba 960?