Api control page

Hi everyone. So I have seen a lot of talking about people wanting to control their core from the Internet. I am willing to build a dynamic webpage and host it. For anyone that wants to control a core online.

I can build in as much as possible by user request, but as I dont have a core yet, I would need variable names etc. For anything you want to call or run.

Once done it will operate on a user login level so everyone will have a custom page to their login so all details like spark authentificate information will only be seen by the person whos account it is.

If anyone is interested let me know and I will give it a go. May be a helpful tool to those starting off that want an easy way to control their core


@bigjme this sounds like an awesome idea. I know that the Spark team would love to build these kinds of quick-start tools ourselves, but have a backlog of bugs and device improvements that take precedent in the short term. Keep us updated, and let us know if there’s a way we can support!

will @ spark

Also, unless I’m understanding you incorrectly, there might be some overlapping features with the API flasher tool that another one of our community members put together–perhaps there is a way to join forces to work together :smiley:


I was thinking about this as well, but trusting any website with your access_token and device ID will be an issue for some people.

I like Jflasher’s simple web app because it stores your access_token and device ID in your local browser cookies, which seems safer.

What might be a nice mashup, is taking Jflasher’s simple web app, and making it customizable by being able to dynamically add more or less functions, variables or pin I/O controls, and save that in the cookies as well or embed all of the required info in the URL so you could easily save this as a shortcut on your smartphone’s homepage :wink:

That could probably all be done :smile:

i have the posting values to function section working if you want to try it. The database is hosted on a secure dedicated server. and could be encrypted but its not guaranteed to be secure due to un-encryption.

More then willing to give all the information and code to spark to host themselves if need be :smile:
The core id and access tokens can be edited any time by the user so they can be removed entirely from the database :slight_smile:

if anyone wants to test it send me a message and i will create some demo user accounts. as i haven’t opened it for user registration. Currently @Hamel has tested it and ive sent test details to @zach to try aswell