Mobile Web Spark Control Panel

I was browsing the cloud API this weekend and this morning and decided that what I needed was a sort of control panel for keeping track of my Sparks and their functionality. I built a quick-and-dirty “control panel” that allows you to see a list of all of your Cores, their connection status, and when the cloud last heard from them. If you select a Spark, it drills down into a detail screen that lists the variables and function calls available from that core. It will even allow you to query the variables and post data to make function calls. The one thing that it does not have (that I didn’t think about until just now) are the Spark.publish() event source streams. I’ll add those in sometime soon!

The code is posted in my spark-control-panel GitHub repository.

It’s not for everyone, but I hope some people find it useful. It doesn’t allow you to toggle or read digital pins or anything of that nature, but it does allow you to get the variables or make function calls directly. This is pretty hastily written, so it needs some commenting and clean-up, and probably a way to specify using direct communications with the cloud API or set your own proxy URL (right now, it relies on the mod_rewrite version of my Simple Spark PHP Proxy).

Screen shots:

List of claimed cores with their connection status

_ General core information, variables, and functions _

JSON response of a variable query

JSON response of a function call


Hey that was on my TO-DO list! But web isn’t my forte and you beat me to it. Nice one! :slight_smile:

I was planning for one in an event of let’s say 100 cores so maybe it should remain on my TO-DO :slight_smile:

Good news is it’s what I get paid to do every day. I’m not the best, but I know how to make web pages do some things that nobody thought could be done in HTML+JavaScript+CSS. And I do all of my stuff at work in HTML 4 for Internet Explorer compatibility!

There’s nothing stopping this app from doing that. Maybe RAM usage on the phone, but that could be handled by adding paging, but it may also require either a middle-man server to page the data for you, or the Spark team to add a paging option in the cloud API.

Yeah i really think we will need this some time down the road.

I can easily imagine people managing hundreds of core behind a cool looking GUI :smiley: