Intermittently unable to flash xenon from IDE

Observing strange behavior:
I have an argon, networked with two xenons. I have been doing tests on flashing code to the xenons. One xenon is mounted on a featherwing (no ethernet cable attached) with a ssd1306 128X32 OLED display, the other one is alone on a breadboard. Both are breathing cyan most of the time, and the one with the OLED is displaying data. Both are USB connected to my IMAC computer.
I get all kinds of results flashing to either one of them. Sometimes the flashing process goes through the motions, with the LED flashing magenta and the IDE saying the flash is successful, your device is being updated…, then ready. Sometimes it reports all of these successes and the xenon goes back to breathing Cyan, but the code has obviously not been updated, because the display does not reflect the new message in the code. It is not really flashing the code.
I also wonder what is going on in the cases where the cyan LED blinks at different rates, and occasionally the LED flashes red, then cyan etc. and finally returns to breathing cyan.

Sometimes the flashing times out, and occasionally the device is undiscoverable. I changed USB ports on my IMAC, and the results appear to be roughly the same on both xenons, although I don’t know if the updating works on the xenon without the display.

I’m not sure about the code not being updated after flashing. Maybe I need to study this more carefully.

Are you flashing by USB (particle flash --usb) or flashing through the cloud (Web IDE or particle flash DEVICE_NAME)?

The red flash is likely caused by the Argon is unstable as a gateway issue. That should be improved in 0.8.0-rc.26. That should also improve OTA flash from the cloud to Xenons through the Argon gateway.

You might want to read up on the LED modes. I refer back to this page all the time:

I now see that I was commenting out the “display.display()” function and thus, I could not see the results of my code changes on the OLED. The display image is built, then later displayed.
So, I assume the code WAS being updated.

Rickkas, I’m sorry for being so dumb. We are flashing through the cloud. I just tested that. It did not matter where the USB cables were connected. They were only supplying power.

For some reason, the flashing seems to be more reliable in the last half hour. It has not hung up with the magenta LED, and it has not timed out and I have received no “device not discoverable” errors like I was having earlier on occasion.

Conclusion: I think the cloud was having issues earlier today flashing through my Argon. It is working reliably for the last hour. No hang ups in magenta LED, and no time outs etc. This issue is closed. I will look forward to the next release.