Intermittantly flashing cyan/orange

I have 2 photons and 2 electrons that seem to be doing the same thing.

I’ve updated the keys several times, using key doctor and also doing it manually and also updated the server key. They nearly always work once after doing this but then go back to being unable to connect on the next boot.

I’ve flashed the tinker firmware via CLI and I have them just sat in an empty breadboard. If I just reset them they might connect, nothing else needs to change, just keep resetting them and eventually they will connect. Sometimes even when connected they start to flash cyan then orange and go back to not connecting.

It feels like something to do with the cloud or my account but what else can I try?

I’ve changed nothing apart from leaving everything for an hour because I was getting nowhere. Now everything seems to work fine again.

What is going on? This must be something to do with the cloud or my account rather than the devices?