IFTTT, still Spark Device


Somebody should rename those apps on IFTTT, some still say Spark (so totally off-brand :wink:). That said, apps work like a charm! And easy to set up.


hey lothar,

quick question. trying to use Alexa to turn on a relay board. I can use tinker all day to activate D6, but cannot get IFTTT to trigger D6. the problem seems to be in the function input. what do i type there?


“D6,HIGH”, assuming you’ve still got Tinker running on the device.


thanks for your reply Moors7. I still dont have this working. Tinker activates the relay board without issue, but i cannot get IFTTT, Alexa and the Photon to work together.

set Particle to Call a function
digital write on ‘my device name’

with input (function input)

the operation checks out ok, but the device never triggers the relay.