Photon with DO Button from IFTTT

I am attempting a project that will make a Photon turn on a device when receiving a signal from an IFTTT DO button. I see some examples of IFTTT working with Spark where the Spark is the trigger, either by sensor change or button press etc and that can then cause an IFTTT action like sending a Tweet.

However I dont see where the Spark or Photon can be waiting on an input from IFTTT DO button. Is this even possible?I am a beginner at Web related code so please excuse the question if its dumb.
Any example or help would be appreciated.

On your Particle device (it’s not Spark anymore ;)) declare a function that you’d like to trigger. Then, in the IF DO app, create a new recipe. Go to channels, and select Particle. Activate that channel if you haven’t yet done so. Click ‘create a new recipe’, after which you select ‘Call a function’. Then name your recipe, select your function from the drop down list, and give it optional arguments. Finally, click ‘add’. That should be it :smile:

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Thank you very much. i will give it a try :smile:
Much appreciated