IFTTT Can we trigger on part of the data?

My Particle has some sensors connected to it. When a sensor trips it publishes an event. The event name is Log. The data is a string like “front door open”, “back door open”, “hallway light”. I would like to get an SMS from IFTTT when one of the door sensors goes off, but not the hallway light sensor.

All of the events have the same name, “Log”. I’d like my IFTTT trigger to look for the string “door” anywhere in the data.

Does anyone know if this is possible - or impossible - with IFTTT? Or does the “content” part of the IFTTT trigger have to be an exact match of the full event data string?


I’ll point out that IFTTT just added this channel: https://ifttt.com/maker

With this, you can do anything!

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