Missing IFTTT Events

I have a problem with events not consistently going from my Particle to IFTTT. I have a garage door monitor with a few reed switches and a sub that runs every 1000ms (via SparkCorePolledTimer) which monitors the position of the switches. If a switch is open, it increments a counter (so it’s effectively 1 sec resolution timer). Later in the sub, I have the following code to send a simple message if a door is opened:

if (vacationModeEnable == 1 && ( door1OpenTime == 1 || door2OpenTime == 1 || door3OpenTime == 1 ) ) {

which should trigger my IFTTT recipe:

If (Event Name): DoorOpen
is (Event Contents): true
Send a notification

I’m running the IF app on my Android phone to receive the notification. That’s not really relevant, however, as it appears from the logs that sometimes the event isn’t making it to IFTTT at all. Any idea how I can troubleshoot further what’s going on? Most of the time it does make it, so it’s hard to trace and I’m not able to repeat the error on demand.

My Particle is very close to my router and has a good wifi connection, but I was thinking the connection could be a source of the issue-- e.g. if that message gets lost during a momentary glitch, there’s no receipt-check to cause it to be re-sent. I was thinking about closing the loop with particle.Subscribe-- just need to figure out how to do that in IFTTT. Anything else I can try?

You could try using a different service than IFTTT such as https://www.scriptr.io or http://hook.io.

Configure a webhook with the particle CLI to call the URL of a script you make on one of the services above.

This way you’ll be able to tell if the issue is with the Particle not sending the event sometimes or if it’s with IFTTT not processing the event.