Use IFTTT & SMS to trigger event on photon


I’m trying to use the IFTTT SMS capabilities to trigger an event on photon. Specifically, when the photon receives a text, start a servo motor. I’ve looked through the guides & decided to use the Particle.function() command to create a function that does my task, but I cannot get the sms message to control anything. I’m getting the IFTTT alert through the phone app, but nothing is happening with the Photon. I got it working for email very easily. I’m trying to do it via the body text. When someone texts, “on” the servo turns on (see image).

Any help would be appreciated, I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong! Should I be using Particle.variable() instead? Again, this worked easily with email.



What does your recipe look like?
Also what ‘command’ comes in when you text it? Try printing it over serial?
Be mindful of capital letters (something smartphones like to autocorrect).


Thanks for your reply. I forgot that I had deleted the IFTTT app from my cell phone, once installing the app I was able to get it to work as expected!

Also, thanks for the heads up about the text capitalization.