ID barcode on Photon

Hi there, I’m just about to order a large batch of Photons and will be recording the ID of each one so that I can record which customer each one goes to. The reason for this is so I can see how many they have connected online and can start charging service fees appropriately.

In the assembly process, I will specify that each one be connected via serial and the ID be copied and pasted to a barcode printer which will then be printed out and physically stuck to the PCB.
Just before sending to the customer, I will then scan each barcode to make a list of IDs which can be related to that customer.

This will work fine, but has added precious minutes onto the assembly process of each unit, therefore increasing cost! Would it be possible for a barcode ID to be attached to each Photon by Particle before shipping? Could it be done simultaneously when specifying the ID? I’ve no doubt that this would be useful to anyone wanting to record IDs (without plugging in) for relating to products/customers/shipments etc.

Hmm… I don’t think that is feasible since it has to do with altering the mass manufacturing process.

Are you creating a Product in Console?

Yes I have a Product in Console with around 50 devices - each unit had to be taken apart and the Photon manually read via Serial before re-assembling the whole thing - a very laborious which I don’t intend to do again!

I thought when you bought in bulk you could get a file with all the device ID’s in order for the tray.

Maybe we can tag @KyleG and he can have someone get back to you.

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That would be a huge help!!!

At least then, all the devices could be added to the Console Product directory, and barcodes could be printed out beforehand.

@rickkas7 are you able to assist?

Yes, when you order from the Particle wholesale store you get a file containing all of the device IDs in the order. For reels, they’re in reel order. For trays I believe they are in a predictable order, but I don’t know what that order is off the top of my head.

Unfortunately, at this time we can’t customize what you’re shipped to add additional labels, for example.


OK I think maybe the problem is I previously bought trays off a UK distributor. They definitely did not send me any files containing the IDs.

I will look at purchasing from the Particle warehouse next time, and make sure the import tax doesn’t increase my cost of goods too much!

Hi @rickkas7, just received 2 trays of photons but can’t find where the file containing the IDs is. Can you help?

Also, I noticed there are unique barcodes under each photon. Do these have any relation to their ID?

The device IDs file should be emailed to you by the wholesale store when your order is processed.

I think the barcode in the trays is the same as the side barcode on individual devices. Does it look like PH-160329-KVXY-0? There is a relationship, but not a useful one. The number 160329 is the manufacturing serial number. There’s no formula to convert them as the device IDs are randomly generated. And there’s no exposed service to look up a device ID from a serial number. So it’s not really all that useful. The four letter code (KVXY) is what the SSID ends with.


Yes, the barcode is similar, although in my case it looks like PNH-160329-KVXY-0 because I use no headers. Shame there’s no exposed service to match the ID to it - could have been really useful!

I have double checked, and there has not been any email related to the order with an attachment of any file, and I have checked the spam folder. I have also logged into the wholesale store and cannot find anything there either. Is there anywhere else I should look?

For those interested, (after much PM’ing) one of the developments from the Particle team is to incorporate the QR codes on their modules as a secondary association path, linking to the device ID.

I think this would be a neat solution and would mean you’d have access to the device ID simply by scanning it with your phone - no need for power or connecting the module to USB etc.

They’ve got improvements slated for some of their products by the middle of next year, potentially around the end of Q2, but they don’t have a definitive short term date yet for the QR codes on the modules. This is partially because that feature will be driven by customer demand, so the more they know about projected manufacturing runs and volumes, the better chance they will have for prioritizing that functionality!

So if this is a feature you want to see, get requesting people!!!

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Hi @dan.s

We have P1 module with QR code but not able to scan by mobile t0o small to detect so scan by QR scanner but number is different from P1 device id.

Will you please help me like how you manage to get device id in production without connecting or power on P1?

Not sure you can. I still haven’t even heard anything regarding associating the QR code to the ID yet.

The way we do it is to connect (via serial) to each product on the assembly line, press “i” to show ID, copy the 24 digits over to a (Code-128) barcode printer, then stick that onto the relevant board.
When it comes to sending the product out to a customer, we scan the barcode and add the ID to the Particle console.

Here is my idea on what you could do if you are stuck: Get the list of IDs from the wholesaler (as @rickkas7 said above), add them to Particle dashboard*. Program your product to send the information you need (including its ID) when a customer connects it to the internet.

* note that Particle will start billing for these regardless of if they are connected or not, so if you haven’t sold them yet, consider cashflow issues.


Well already sent email to wholesaler but NO REPLY :roll_eyes:. They are super busy :slight_smile:

I am also planning to use “usb serial connect” method to get ID but hope at factory drive is easy to install because here in many of our PC not able to install properly in one try.

Sticker or barcode print is not possible now so added one packet to get ID by app and also it takes customer info and send to our server.

Yes thank you. I must have to enter device in console when it’s ready to ship so can avoid extra charges.

Yes, unless you get it directly from Particle, you probably won’t have much luck as I found out.

You don’t have to use Particle’s software to get the ID. I just use Putty - very simple and lightweight. Find out more at
Download putty.exe at

Yes but to get port in Putty i have to install Usb driver then i can communicate to P1 and get ID.

Only if you are running Windows pre v10.
Win10, Linux, MacOS don’t need drivers.

Ok. We are using windows 7.