Streamlined process for preparing particle photon powered devices for production?

Hey guys,
What is a good process for streamlining the preparation of a particle photon for product production?
We are currently using the command prompt commands to prepare the photons:
“particle identify” -> take note of the serial number.
“particle serial wifi” -> select out local wifi, enter in credentials
"particle device add “xxxxxxxxxxxxxx”" copying and pasting the serial number
"perticle device rename “xxxxxxxxxxxxxx” "yyyyyyyyyyyyyy"
The particle device then begins to update its firmware.
The particle device is then tested by QA.
The particle device is added to our database.
The particle device’s credentials are then reset (by holding setup button for >10 seconds)
The product can now be packaged.

This process is definitely not scale-able and can take a really long time per device.

What is the recommended method for this? Any help/advice is greatly appreciated, thanks!

Figured I would check back in on this? Does Particle have a recommended method? I have not come across one yet.
Has anyone else come across this obstacle yet?

It is possible but there is likely no answer because it tends to be rather specific to the process and tools you are using during manufacture. I use a custom Java application that can access both the USB serial port for listen mode commands and also use DFU mode for flashing the system firmware and user firmware. Aside from plugging the Photon into USB it’s not necessary to touch it or type anything to completely configure it automatically, with the appropriate software.

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