Production Programming @ Contract Manufacturer

Hi Everyone!

I am finalizing on a design that I will be submitting for certification shortly, but to date I’ve been programming the units by hand via WiFi. Clearly this is not the way to do it at my contract manufacturer.

What do people recommend I accomodate on my next version hardware design to allow for programming/testing in the factory?

Should I surface the JTAG pins? SWD pins? Or is there some other way to program an Electron/Photon/P1? Edge connector to the JTAG or SWD pins?

I only have limited space to work with on my board, so the idea of dedicating an entire 10x2 header just for JTAG makes my head spin.

Any pointers would be gratefully appreciated!



Have you read this
or might also have some useful info, if using the photon/electron dev modules of course you still have the USB as well although you would almost certainly want to lock down the com port addressing in that instance.