Understanding development process?

Hello I’m new to particle and I’m having trouble understanding the process to develop firmware for the electron and the photon. Note: This is all about the software side not the hardware part.

I understand that I will write my code in the Web IDE what I don’t understand is how will my end users get the info from the unit to their phone(app created by us). Do I need to create a back end with user authentication and database or does particle provide a simpler way that I’m missing.

Note: I’m not new to software development

Thank you for any help in advance :grinning:

@Jean-Pierre, have you looked at this?



Thank for the reply and Yeah I have but it’s mainly for the physical part not software. I was actually looking at this


But how do I test the units without paying for the “organization” do I develop with my Electron like it is my end product or are there other steps I have to consider. how do I create simple authentication without paying the organization fee I’m not sure if I’m clear enough :grin:

Hi Jean-Pierre,

I am also very new to Particle and have experienced the same frustration with finding the right documentation to lead me into building the software side of a product. Although the hardware side is more user friendly, the software side is like finding a needle in a hay stack.

I was able to get a few software features to work (e.g. getting an email from a Photon web-hook via Amazon Web Service SNS). I tried the iOS Tinker to connect my Photon to WiFi but I am unable to understand how the Tinker code works and with limited documentation its even harder.

I am not an engineer of any sort and Particle do not provide enough help on the software side to assist, I tried emailing an engineer from Particle with only a single response which didn’t address the question; and I am yet to receive a response from the last question I ask him.


I am welling to share with you what I have learned so far if your interested; by the way I spend over $200 in Particle products and even signed up for the organization website in trying to understand how to get my device to a customer. I still can’t figure out how this is done.

Good Luck.

What side of the Tinker code do you not understand?

  • Tinker firmware on the device, or
  • Tinker App iOS code

BTW: The link you posted doesn’t seem to be publicly accessible.

Maybe getting into the device for a “private” project first and after that thinking of using that knowledge for customer projects might be better.

Hello thanks for the replay

Maybe getting into the device for a “private” project first and after that thinking of using that knowledge for customer projects might be better.

I think what @Mkoder means is that even if we create a simple project for us we still don’t understand the flow of development for the back end.

I have been doing some research and what I think is that particle wants the end product and the development boards to use the same workflow. I normally don’t expect development/testing code to be the end product and that’s why I think this is throwing me off

Hello @Mkoder thanks for the reply. Any knowledge may have would be great.

Hi ScruffR,

Thank you for your reply, I already have the private project and everything works fine. I now want to be able to set my device for use by a customer. The Tinker iOS app would not load on Xcode, they are a host of errors when I try to open the work space; and find very little help on the forum on the Tinker project.

you need to install CocoaPods. Cocoapods is an easy to use dependency manager for iOS. Here are the instructions for it.

P.S. I still haven’t used it.

Hi Jean-Pierre,

Thank you for your response, I agree CocoaPods needs to be install in the directory of the project. I am familiar with how to do this, but even after CocoaPods is installed a host of error shows up when the work space is launch.

Where you able to launch Tinker iOS in Xcode without errors?

No I haven’t had time will try it soon :grinning:

Hello I just try installing CocoaPods and creating a new project but I also get like 20 errors with this file AFURLResponseSerialization.h :disappointed_relieved: What error do you get?

Just did a search for the error and I got an answer. it’s because I’m running an older version of Xcode. here’s the stackoverflow page