Idea for flashing the photon

I found it guite complex following all the steps before I was able to flash my device (photon). Why are there just no a simple flash-program to connect to the device. Why have they choosen the way they have with drivers and dfu-util?
I mean, this could already be built in to the web-server if one browse the when connected wireless to the device. Bootloader limitations?


I believe that’s being worked on.

Most likely because those are the tools that are required. Some of them might be licensed in a way that does not allow for easy distribution.

What could be built-in? The Particle devices are no heavy lifters. They’re resource-constrained, and shouldn’t really be used as a web-server. If you want to flash an app easily, using a web interface, why not use the online IDE?

Thanks for responding! This was just my “feeling” regarding first steps to get the device connected. It’s good that you point out the online IDE and it’s really nice.
But since I had hard trobble connecting the device, first try after that was to do a firmware upgrade. Just hoped it would be faster and easier :wink:


Unless there’s something strange going on (router issues for example) there shouldn’t be a need to install those tools. That said, I find it to be a very valuable tool, and use it almost always.
Initial installation is a bit of a pain, but once it’s running, it’s pretty neat to have. Luckily there are some tutorials on how to install the required programs, as well as a very neat community-made installer (for windows), which I’ve used with great success in the past.

From now on, it should be. Connection is often the ‘hardest’ part due to the different setups people have. There’s no way to test them all, and the next best thing is helping when issues pop up.

The IDE can now be used to do firmware upgrades as well, in the future, should there be any (very likely ;))

Just let us know if you run into further issues, and we’ll see what we can do :slight_smile:

Hi @Moors7, I agree with all your points except for the following:

and shouldn’t really be used as a web-server

Maybe a bit off-topic :wink: . But I really do use them heavily as web servers in almost all projects. Makes for a very nice user interface. I have a couple of projects where I have very few - if any - hardware control elements like buttons. I use the web server for configuring everything which is more complex than switching something off and on.

Yup, that’s possible since you decide what you want to use your precious limited space for, but if all user’s wishes (which only a limited amount of users want and think to need) for the SoftAP part of the devices were incorporated, then the remaining space at the users own disposition will be reduced for everybody - making a few happy but a lot of people unhappy :wink:

@bytheway: If you need other ways to upload firmware, did you know of the possibility to do it via YModem?

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Hi @ScruffR, not sure if your above comment was addressing my comment. If yes, I just wanted to point out that the statement “don’t use it as a web server” is in that generality not the whole truth. Apart from that you are absolutely right.

It was meant for the combination of your statement and the OPs intended use of this option.
Sort of a clarification that a possibility might not necessarily be an option for the intended use case.

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Okay, all clear, then.

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nope. I just got my photon. So I followed the doc’s. Still know to little about his pice of equipment.