Best way to flash firmware without wifi

I want to find a way to update the particle photon firmware over USB but I need something very easy that anybody can do. I need that because I’m working on a project where the particle photon might not have internet access and I need to be able to upgrade the firmware for future improvement.

Flashing with DFU-utils might be a good solution but I need something that dont require installation of things.

I also saw that there is a device-updater software:

But I tried it without success. I need to install pypiwin32 and this requires phyton and after phyton 2.7 was installed it was still not working…

Any suggestions some something easy to use and customer friendly?


dfu_util doesn’t need to be installed. It’s just a program that can be started from a thumb drive or so.
YModem might be another thing to consider.


After looking again at the dfu-util, it will do the job.
Download dfu-util-0.80binaries and extract.

First put photon in dfu mode.
Download and run zadig_2.2.exe and click install driver.
open cmd and navigate to the dfu-util/win32-mingw32 folder
copy firmware.bin file to this folder
type dfu-util -d 0x2B04:0xD006 -a 0 -s 0x80A0000:leave -D [firmware-name].bin

And I’ll put that in a bat script so it will be easy to do for an end user.

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