What is the best way to update my Photon to version 0.4.7?

I work in ‘offline’ mode using Ubuntu. I would like to get the SoftAP updates that support WiFi configuration through a browser.

If I understand correctly, it sounds like the local dfu-util method described here is what you need:

Depending on what that means exactly, you could just flash any app from the Web IDE. That should update the system firmware and you should be good to go.
The CLI with Particle update should do the same thing in DFU mode.

I downloaded the binaries from the Github website and used the DFU method to program the files. Worked fine with no problems. Tried the meteor website, put the Photon into SoftAP mode and connected to it. It found my local WiFi, I programmed the password and it rebooted and connected to my network. Worked great. Thanks to all.

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