I want a good simple online tutorial for particle core, do you know one?

Ok I know nothing about programming the core I have, I’ve seen the official documentation which is by the way totally useless, so do you know any good source?

Says someone who confesses to "know nothing about programming"
It might be of little use to you, but not everyone is you

If you want to be helped, maybe signalling a less negative attitude might be recommended


Yeah, depending on your level of knowledge, the docs may, or may not be sufficient. To say that they’re useless because you can’t use them is a bit harsh. There are some beginner examples in there which do work nicely if you’ve given them a try.
Simon Monk also wrote a book about working with the Photon. Then there’s the tutorial category, which I’m sure you’ve already found(?)
Also, the projects on Hackster contain some nice basic ones to get a feel for things.