Book for Beginners

How about a book that will give a simple to understand text for understanding various complex issues like HAL for users like me in context for photon. Many a times I don’t understand what people are answering, but I want to learn. I can understand the docs completely but have problem on community answers.

I believe there is already interest in writing such a book:

Also, what exactly do you not understand from the community answers? I find them to be more understandable than the docs most times. Most people are are very patient and willing to explain it in simpler terms, should you have difficulties understanding things.


Hi, @alok! We are working on better docs and resources, and we’d definitely love to hear what you are having trouble with regarding the community so we can make things easier for great makers like you. I’d love it if you could throw some things on this thread, and we’ll get a good feature discussion going.