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Let me introduce myself, my name is common denominator and I like things in the simplest terms. I use to be a Process Anaylst for an oil compnay - lts like a curse; must make it simple. That said, I do find some of the spark documents a little daunting as they assume a certain level of proficiency of the user and I find myself taking notes like I was back in high school; not that this would be a bad thing. I have been told I am not the brightest color in the crayon box; and I concur. Simple = Priceless.

The Spark Docs pages are very professional looking and appropriate for most people without question but, I would like to target the nimblest of folks who may not know what a micro usb port is let alone that a mincrocontroller is not a small accountant employed by midgets :smile:

What I am talking about and proposing to do will not only frustrate programmers of this community but rather, they may ask for my head. In other words, I want to help the less technically inclined folks with material geared at the 8th grade student level similar to how technical manuals are formatted for the general public.

So here is my question for the Spark Team, will it be okay if I develop some very simple (boring) cheat sheets; ebooks, and Instructable type pages containing “no thrills” but, with lots of simple terms, images, videos, etc. one of my domain sites and other venues like (If they will let me :frowning: and then link to these creations within the Spark Community pages ?

I really need some help in this decision because when I ask Google for advise on this they forward me to Adafruit’s Arduno page.

:slight_smile: Bobby


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Absolutely! We fully support that. We definitely recognize there are holes in our documentation and would love to see community members fill the gaps.

Feel free to publish wherever, and we will gladly link to great documentation from our own sites. If you choose to open source your documentation and/or release it under a Creative Commons license, we would also be happy to pull appropriate bits into our own documentation as well, if it feels right.

And if you want to contribute directly to our own documentation, you can do so! We take pull requests on the docs:

Absolutely wonderful to have this opportunity to help. Everything I create that is specific to Spark Core I will gladly release under Creative Commons.

I will setup a separate domain / website which will be 100% free for users. 100% Spark Core related and will refer people to & Makershed for purchases and community support of the spark core. I want to fill gaps and not duplicate what the Community and Spark Labs is already doing.

I will provide you with a link to this Spark tutorial site prior to launch and my disclaimer to make sure I have made it completely clear our organizations are separate to prevent any possible confusion.

There is a commercial side to my work involving the Spark Core and my true intentions are to get more people exposed to a $39 Wifi solution and how to use it. This will require examples of projects including mine. I might have small ads for Spark Powered products on this site but, not exclusively my products. Absolute Spark Core related though.

I have also setup a store front / barter site for people to trade electronics called and will allow any and all Spark Core Related sales for free.



Sounds great, looking forward to seeing it!


Bought Domain, Building Website using Joomla 2.5. Still looking for best Component. Not so much SocialMedia as Educational format and will need to add a lot of content. Shooting for March 17th and ask for feedback & suggestions.

Only a month later than I hoped for but here it is,

Mainly just a place where I can link back to many sources like this forum & Spark Docs; Github; Youtube; and other sites. And then there is my ability to add additional things like “Categories” :smiley:

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