Adding a "special" Wiki to Spark.IO


I have an idea that i feel would be fantastic!
so some thoughts about a wiki have been mentioned and i would like to expand a little bit on that;

i have some knowledge about arduino and some knowledge about electronics. i want to learn more, but using Spark is hard, because it is not the same as arduino. there are things different but hard to find which things are different if you are not deep into this. this is my personal experience and i’m sure people would disagree.
what would be greatly helpful is this:

-an addition to the spark cloud where i have a simple utility that allows me to map components. for example, i write a code to power a CrystalLCD and i have a drag and drop interface next to my code where i can select the interface, select that i connected D5 to port Digital 3, power to pin 15 etc. etc. so there is a graphical representation of what i’ve build
-a method of easily commenting on code, maybe highlighting where you’ve commented? i feel this would encourage people to comment their code better
now these 2 points lead to the last one
-a way to publish your code and have others able to import it and comment on it, a GitHub kind of approach where people could branch your code, optimize it, comment on it, and you could learn from it… this would be a great way to improve your code and have other people not reinvent the wheel.

I don’t mean to bring this post back from the dead, but stumbled upon it and I think these are some pretty good suggestions.