Official Particle Curriculum: An Idea


Hello everyone. I hope you had a nice Christmas.

Particle has a superb documentation, one of the best I have ever seen. This is mostly due to the great community that maintains it.

I think it would be great if the Particle Community created an Official Particle Curriculum that could be used by anyone to educate themselves about using Particle or could be used to teach other people.

It would be great if the community created lesson materials and projects for people to learn Particle, and if all these resources were in an easily accessible format, like how the FAQ or Documentation is set up.

If there was an Official Particle Curriculum, users could teach Particle in schools more easily, or educate themselves.

I have heard from several users that they are using Particle in Education, and they would greatly appreciate official education resources. This thread caught my eye Photon in Education?.


Isn’t the idea of a ‘community-made official’ curriculum kind of contradictory? If it’s made by the community, it’s not ‘official’ anymore, if you ask me. If a community version suffices, then there’s already a great wealth of information available. The tutorial section has quite a few examples, and there’s a great hackster section devoted to Particle, containing lots of projects.

In my opinion, the absolute best way to learn something is to ‘find’ a problem and fix it. Look for something you’d like to have done, and make it happen. Researching what’s needed to make that happen is part of the process. Sure, it’d be nice to have step by step directions, but that’s more suited for when you want to assemble furniture. Sure, you get a nicely made piece of furniture when you’re done, but do you actually know how it’s made ;)?

That’s all to say that it’s more complex than “let’s quickly put a curriculum together”. It’s not a bad idea, but it’s definitely not easy and will require a fair bit of work to do it properly. What audience are you targeting, primary, secondary school, high school/college/uni, elders, previous experience? A lot of different targets to cater for.

However, I guess we’re not the first to figure out there’s interest in learning materials, since there are books out there already to teach you how to work with Particle, including sample projects. Simon Monk wrote one, and there should be others as well. The docs are also getting more example projects for the maker kits, which should help, too.

I could be wrong about this though, so if you could write up a more detailed explanation of what exactly you had it mind, that’d be nice.


I’ve been thinking the same thing but more along the line of creating useful items that are inexpensive and useful in everyday life. Something like a Monthly project that people can buy and follow instructions and build.

I’m short on free time so it’s not something I could do on my own, though, nor am I the smartest guy in the room here so it would require the help of the whole community.


This just an idea that I had. I think some people would benefit from a more guided documentation with relevant tutorials to assist them with learning Particle.


That has been true for me 110%

You will never learn it all, it’s best to just focus on your desired outcome and work it out step by step.

I did learn a lot from Adafruits Tutorials also.


Something like this :)?


This is how I taught myself programming and I totally agree with this.


This is a great tutorial. I was not suggesting a curriculum for my own sake, but suggesting to make one for new users.