I can't connect to the Photon anymore

Hi, new user here. I’ can’t connect to the Photon after briefly being able to use it. I’m wondering if anyone can help. Here’s what happened:

I powered on my Photon for the first time last night, set up the Wi-Fi with the Android app, and I successfully flashed and tested the “Blink an LED” and “Web-connected LED” apps using the “Particle Build” website. I then flashed “DS18X20_Temperature” and successfully monitored the serial output via USB.

Here’s where I started having problems:

Next, I tried to modify that app for web connectivity (to read the temperature from a web browser), and the software compiled and possibly flashed to the device, but after a few iterations of verify/flash/test I could no longer flash the device. I disconnected all electrical connections (except power) and tried to flash just the “Blink an LED” app. No luck.

I tried unplugging from power, resetting, and after a few rounds of that, I tried to re-set the Wi-Fi authentication using the Android app. I tried several times and got the message “Uh oh! Setup process couldn’t disconnect from the Photon Wi-Fi network. This is an internal problem with the device…” Note before this message I successfully completed the steps 1) Choose your Photon 2) Connecting to Photon 3) Select your Wi-Fi network 4) Configuring Device Wi-Fi credentials (check) 5) Connecting to Wi-Fi Network (check) . After this point I would see the error message above (“Uh-oh!..”)

At this point I searched the forums and documentation and observed that my Photon was slow-blinking white, so it needed a factory reset and/or a firmware update. I’m pretty sure it came with 0.4.9, but I followed the procedure to flash to 0.4.9 anyway. This was successful (I think), I used the dfu-util program to download both firmware files. I also tried to do the factory reset but never saw the blinking yellow lights.

TL;DR New Photon previously tested working, now slow blinking white. Wi-Fi configuration through the Android app connection fails before finishing. I am on 0.4.9. Factory Reset doesn’t work.

Thanks in advance for your help.

What Factory Reset? (there is none as such on the Photon - but something like particle update with subsequent particle flash --usb tinker would act like the Core’s FR).
Have you tried Safe Mode?
This should be the first thing to try before doing all the other things you described :wink:

Safe mode worked. Thank you!

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