I cant connect coolterm to sparkcore in my mac

i connected through usb my spark core and i want to build my program using coolterm but in the port settings the spark cant be seen.

Are you using Mac or Windows? you should see something like usbmodemxxxx for mac.

For windows, look for the COM port number under Device manager :wink:

Are you trying to flash firmware via USB? or using the Serial port?

im using mac. nope i want to use coolterm as my IDE and i cant find usbmodem under ports settins

As your IDE?.. What is that? Do you mean flashing a binary file via USB?

Coolterm is a Serial terminal and cannot act like an IDEā€¦

ah okay. i want to view the spark mac address, what can i do?

I have a code here which you can flash to the core via the WEB IDE


Once the flash is completed, launch CoolTerm and under the list of devices, look for usbmodem....

You should be able to press Enter and see the Mac address

it displays an error