How to update Electron firmware (retained problem)


I have problem with “retained” variable with my Electron. I had look around into the forum, and I think I must upgrade the Electron firmware.

First : How can I find the actual firmware version of the electron ?
Second : How can I upgrade it ?



Check out this support section:

Putting it in DFU mode and issuing ‘particle update’ through the CLI should work.

Thanks @Moors7 !

Hi guys,

just received a pre 0.5.0 electron and flashed it in DFU-state using particle update to 0.5.3. The retained-bug wasn’t fixed(!).
As I use 0.6.0-pre2 on all other units, I uploaded the 3 system-parts using particle flash --serial system-part[1-3]-electron...bin, wich resolved that issue.

I’m quite sure that the bug is not in the 0.5.3 but in the update procedure - can anyone confirm this?