Trying to update Electron firmware - Error code: 1

I’m trying to update the firmware on my Electron but it doesn’t work.
I was able to update to 0.6.0 with particle_firmware_manager-v0.6.0-windows.exe but I couldn’t find an exe for upgrading to the latest (0.6.2) so I tried putting the device in DFU mode and typed “particle update”. I got this:

!!! There was an error trying execute DFU utilities.

!!! For help with installing DFU Utilities, please see:

!!! You may also find our community forums helpful:

> Error code: 1

What is “Error code: 1”? What to do?

What version CLI are you running on what OS?

CLI Version 1.23.1
Windows 10 Pro (Version 1703 OS Build 15063.502 with all the latest updates)

Can you try to remove CLI and reinstall it via this installer (with all options ticked)


Thanks for helping me.

In addition to using this installer I had to reinstall the DFU driver using Zadig. Now I’m able to upgrade my Electron!


Thanks for the help!

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