How to install patch in Tiny wifi spark core?

hi guys,

i am using spark core(tiny wifi),i need to install patch for CC3000,i need to install dfu-util for windows,i am not able to find the software,can u upload me the dfu driver for windows as soon as possible.

thank you

hey @aadhavanshines,

you can download via the link mentioned here:

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i am unable to install Dfu-util for windows,pls help me through the procedures

Did you download from: ?

Once you have downloaded, you can use it via the command-line. Simply cd to the path containing the dfu-util.exe and execute the commands accordingly

whil hi,
while executing the dfu-util i am gettng system error,kindly help me with this

Hmmm… try downloading the .dll from the site and test again?

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thanks for the help i have installed the dfu-util.exe,
i have turned on spark core in dfu mode, when i try to execute the command spark flash --usb cc3000 ,i get the following error pls help with this

Seems like a dfu error that was not able to clear.

How did you install the driver for DFU? Try executing the command and see what happens

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I have installed using Command prompt only,i have checked in command prompt whether dfu-util.exe is installed or not by dfu-util -l,it shows following details

Try executing the command again and see what happens.

Also, make sure you are running the command prompt as an Adminstrator

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i have tried as admin but i am getting the same error message

Can you try installing the DFU driver with this instructions?

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Hi I have found a working DFU utility that works here is the Link
download it from here

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