How many remaining GPIOs does the Internet Button have?

Hi all,

Does anyone know which and how many GPIOs are available on the Internet Button? A female connector was mentioned in the manual, but I could not find any details. The reason for asking is that I would like to connect a few sensors to this Internet Button. I might have overlooked, but I could not find which IOs are already occupied by the LEDs, push buttons, accelerometer and sound.

Thank you on beforehand for your feedback.


The schematic for the internet button is here. It looks like from that schematic, that D1 and D2 are not used, as well as A0, A1, and A6.

Hi Ric,
It seems so. Thanks a lot! This was exactly what I was looking for.

Don’t forget that you can reuse the SPI pins A3~A5 for other SPI devices too and you can use RX/TX just like any other GPIO as well.
I’m not sure why this was done, but “wasting” the I2C bus by attaching the buzzer to D0 is a pitty. I’d happily take off the buzzer to get I2C back.

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