How many LEDs can each channel reliably drive?

How would I figure out theoretically (or has anyone tried empirically) how many LEDs, specifically WS2812, each channel of the Spark Core could reliably drive?

I guess I could incrementally increase the number of LEDs being driven until I see artifacts but hopefully someone has already tried this or there’s a specification listed somewhere that I haven’t been able to find.

I managed to drive 240 leds using a single I/O pin… :wink:

It’s more of the signal attenuation as the distance increases.

You can always easily add in a buffer to drive it further. :0 but i do remember there’s a limit for the WS218b that i read somewhere…

See this for excitement!

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Thanks! I actually found the message torch on your youtube channel yesterday. Glad to see you’re the first to reply here.

Do you think I’d run into problems driving LEDs from 7 I/O pins simultaneously?

I don’t have so many strips and mine came in 4m, 240 leds! Driven using just 1 x I/0 pin :slight_smile: