15meters of WS2812b

Hi all,

I would like to light up my staircase with a 15meters strip of WS2812b (Neopixels) and control them through a particle photon.

If I use 30LEDs per meter strips, I will end up with 450LEDs. Taking into account that an LED will need max 60mA, that makes 27A*5V = 135Watts.
I am therefore planning to buy a 200Watts (220VAC in, 5V out) power supply such as [this one][1].
In order to have a better power distribution in the LEDs, I will connect the 5V at both sides of the strip.

Do you have some experience with a similar setup?
Is there something I might be missing or do wrong?

Best regards
[1]: http://www.mouser.com/ds/2/260/LRS-200-SPEC-806096.pdf

I’d expect this to be not enough. You’d have about 13A either end of the strip which will be a bit tough on the traces :wink:
You’ll need to power the strip on more than two places - I’d go with a max. of 2x2A per “feeding point” or one every 2m.


I see thanks for the advice.
I suppose that will have to do some experiments at the beginning. I’ll try maybe different setups.

Also, I do not want anybody to put his fingers near the power supply. I will probably put the power supply and the cabling in a casing and maybe add a fan as well. I could then fix the casing to a wall.

I can confirm that feeding at the ends of even 5m strips is not sufficient (60/m). You’ll see discoloration in the middle of the power points, which isn’t what you’re after I assume. Just make sure to power them often enough, and you should be okay :smile: