WS2812B simple project needed

I am very new to the particle board , and I am having some problems with a project that uses WS2812B LEDS.

It has multiple moving parts so I wanted to take a step back and do a basic project that just lights the LED strip that way I can test multiple things and try and work out if there is a issue with the LEDs the power supply or the particle board it’s self…

Does any one have a simple project that I might be able to follow and use that as a test bench to not only learn but also to improve my trouble shooting skills.

You can simply try to light up the LEDs to a fix colour and see if that works.

There are example code in the neopixel library.

I am trying to light 60LEDs in a 1 meter strip , just reading older posts (some of them yours)

I have a feeling my USB based phone charger supply might be the power issue. I might try and order a 5v 3A and then test this.

You should try lighting up like 1 or 2 and see if they light up well before turning on more.

20mA x 3 x 60 gives us 3.6A so the 5V 3A supply might be insufficient if you want to turn them on to White at full brightness.


Can I light up 3 by defining the number of LEDs at just the code level or do I need to cut the strip and then also define the number in the code ?

You can definitely do it at code level or that’s too much hardware gone into experimentation :smiley:

Thank you for all your help, I will have a play and report back this weekend. I also ordered a 5v 4a power supply for use after testing.