Twitter Torch - Twitter messages in a glass tube

There are two projects in this forum which I like very much. Message Torch by luz and twitter magnet by mohit. So I asked myself why not combine it to show Twitter messages in a glas tube. Here we are, this is Twitter Torch:

see more:


Love this @Ruedi (although when I first saw your vid via Twitter I had that song in my head for about 24 hours!!)

Steph, this is exactly what I wanted to make for the Faire! Nice work Ruedi. Did you post your code? :smile:

Ruedi, what diameter/length tube did you use and how many metres of LED strip, if I might ask?

@Steph , I am glad you like it :slight_smile:
@peekay123 , (4m strip) - glass tube diameter 8,6cm inside tube / length 30cm

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Thanks Ruedi! My intent is to show this project at an upcoming Maker Faire. I will be playing with the code during the faire to show how easy it is to change the functionality - twitter, curl, http, etc. If you can post your code, it would save me time to adapt the message torch code. :smile:

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I just did little changes in the java code of the twitter magnet project. So that the argument format is correct for the unchanged message torch code. Unfortunately I can not program java, but managed it somehow to get it work. So the java code works somehow, but is far away from error free and professional programming :slight_smile: .

The two java programms i chaged are: main.js and controller.js


var settings = require('./settings.js');
var controller = require('./lib/controller.js');
var Twit = require('twit');

//create stream
//var T = new Twit(settings.user_stream);

var T = new Twit({
    consumer_key:         'xxxx'     // add your twitter consumer key here
  , consumer_secret:      'xxxx'     // add your twitter consumer secret here
  , access_token:         'xxxx'     // add your twitter access token key here
  , access_token_secret:  'xxxx'     // add your twitter access token secret here   

var stream ='user', { track: "settings.twitter_user"});

var commands = {
    "": controller.lcdFn

//listen stream data
stream.on('tweet', function(json) {
    var text = json.text;
    console.log("heard " + text);

    for(var name in commands) {
        if (text.indexOf(name) >= 0) {
            var start = text.indexOf(name) + name.length;
            text = text.substr(start);
            console.log("running command " + name + " with args " + text);


var settings = require('../settings.js');
var ApiClient = require('./ApiClient.js');

var client = new ApiClient(settings.apiUrl);
client.login(settings.coreuser, settings.corepassword);

var that = {
    lcdFn: function (arg) {
        that.dispCmd("message", arg);
    dispCmd: function (func, arg) {
        client.callFunction(settings.coreID, func, arg);
module.exports = that;

I hope this helps. I wish you a lot of fun at the maker faire.

Was the orange colors going up based on audio input or just random? I didn’t see any code posted yet, are you going to do that? Looks like a cool project to make.

jamesarm97, the twitter torch is based on the Message Torch:

You will find a link to the code there. :smile:

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Unfortunately, the orange flames are not controlled by sound - “message torch” code is unchanged and “twitter magnet” code changes are posted above. :slight_smile:

@peekay123 and @zachary hacked on this during the Friday Pebble hack-a-thon this past week. It now has a very cool Pebble integration that does some fancy magic sparkles when the accelerometer of the Pebble is activated. The code is on GitHub at Maybe @peekay123 can post a short video/animation of the torch with the Pebble magic activation.

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I believe this demonstration by @zachary tells it all :wink:

The pebble watch code is here:


Thanks @kennethlimcp! I am working on putting a full video of all the pebble/torch features we make so stay tuned! :slight_smile:


can we do a full posting at and update the github repo as well? :smile:

Shall leave you to clean up everything!

that looks amazing, I like it very much :slight_smile:


Anyone want to make a version 2.0, this time with real fire?


@wgbartley, who needs neopixesl when you have neoFIRE! Very cool and adequately dangerous too :stuck_out_tongue:


Wow, very nice for barbecue :slight_smile:

I’m going to build mine as well :smiley:


@kennethlimcp should you be running that many led’s from your spark over usb - that’s a lot of current? not got their own supply? are they 5v led strips (e.g. ws2812b?)