How many RGB LEDs can Photon drive? (and how?)

(I’m a newbie to the Photon)

I thought I could drive up to a maximum of 6 RGB LEDS. So, RGB1 D0-D2, RGB2 D3-D5, RGB3 A0-A2, RGB4 A3-A5, RGB5 A6/A7/RX, RGB6 D6/D7/TX. This doesn’t seem to be working… Am I missing something?

In the end, I’d like to drive 6 RGBs… Any ideas/help?

Thanks a bunch!


The docs do list which pins are PWM enabled here

There are only 9pins and only 7 of these can be used independently.
If you just want to HIGH/LOW the LEDs you can connect more LEDs but are stuck with max. 125mA over all of them, unless you use extra drivers.

A good alternative are NeoPixels, which only require one digital pin and will allow you to control hundreds.