Driving LEDs & Stepper Motors

I’m wondering how many RGB LEDs and Stepper Motors could I control with a single Photon. I’m trying to wire up something that would end up with a few thousand LEDs and a few hundred stepper motors, and the less processors, the better.

If anyone has a suggestion for something else to drive them, I’m all ears!

would end up with a few thousand LEDs and a few hundred stepper motors

Only that you would need a big psu to drive it like one of these.


Depends on your LEDS - e.g. NeoPixel need only one data pin for hundreds of LEDs, RGBMatrixPanel needs a few pins more but can be several thousand pixels/LEDs.
Multiplexing is a keyword too (for LEDs and steppers).

@renenoel, all your driving requirements can be offloaded to driver boards for both the LEDs and motors. However, without a clear understanding of how you intend to use the devices (eg. real-time), your question is difficult to answer. The short of it is you can’t “drive” LEDs or stepper motors directly from a Photon. @ScruffR somewhat touched on this. Steppers alone take several control lines. I would suggest looking at your overall control architecture to define the requirements prior to picking a platform like the Photon.

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