How to control multiple stepper motors separately with photon


I have 4 x (28byj-48) stepper motors, I’m trying to connect them to particle photon and control each one separately.
Whats the best way to do that?


Using a stepper controller (e.g. A4988)
These ususally only take two control lines (direction and step) and hence you should be good with the possible 18 GPIOs available on a Photon.

You could even get a fancy quad-stepper-driver like this

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For a lower amount of steppers you will find here a first intro,@hasanals:

Is their any other stepper controllers similar to this? This one is not available in any online shop.

Whaaaat, A4988 isn’t available? These are by far the most common ones - I’d look for a different online shop.

But sure there are plenty others
… Google found this for me:
… or for quad driver