How do I use tinker after setting up my spark via USB and claiming my code?

I want to use the iOS app to tinker with my core and can’t get past the “Let’s connect your Core.” step.

For whatever reason, our aerohive network won’t let my iOS device configure the SSID/Password so I used CoolTerm and a Mac to read the core ID, get the device connected to the cloud.

Now that it “breathes aqua” and appears to be connected to the network, my iOS device still want’s to configure the core. Can I bypass that step and get to tinkering from iOS to the core directly?

For me, the problem was with the entry for my core device. Even after logging out and in, it showed the core I entered, but at the bottom of the page, there was a message that no cores were in my account.

  1. Save a test program - the empty shell is sufficient.
  2. Delete and re-enter the ID for the core

Now that the message viewing my core is “ready” things work properly. Signing in on iOS app now takes me to the tinker screen as opposed to the setup screen.

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Thanks for sharing the details here @bmike , sounds like a bug–I added this description to the list of things to investigate further. Also, I upgraded your spark community account so you should be able to embed images in the future (let me know if not).

Works like a champ! Thank you - I’m excited about the community that’s forming here.

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