Personal First Time troubles: resolutions

Well I had a number of issues getting started, but I now got to tinker. Yay.

  1. I had put in the wrong password for the wifi when I first tried to connect. This may not be true, but I think it borked the process completely going forward. I got to green flashing, then only blue flashing
    2)after I messed up the password, I would only get blue flashing, and the iPhone app would never find the core
  2. I went to USB. CoolTerm would only find the core if it was in blue flashing. In fact it would only acknowledge the usb port with blue flashing.
  3. you must press ‘i’ first to get the ID code. Do this first before pressing ‘w’!
  4. press ‘w’ and enter SSID and password
  5. NOW you have cyan breathing and you have lost connection to it over the USB port
  6. go to build at and go to ‘cores’ and enter the ID from step 4
  7. restart the iPhone app. It doesn’t work unless you shut down the spark app on the iPhone. You can just press home and go back, you have to shut down the program and restart it
  8. now tinker will work.

Hopefully next time the iPhone app will let me claim it from there.