How can i add new device "ELECTRON" with Particle device program

Dear all,
My name is Mr.Surat, I’m a 4th year student in biomedical engineering.
Now, i try to use ELECTRON for my senior project.
In the first time, i have a problem to setup, i cannot add the device as show as following.
Could you please to help me to correct the problem or suggest me to solve this problem?

Have you gone through the online setup?

i have done already, but still have problem.
please to advise me?

  1. Did you finish activating your SIM?
  2. PM me your device’s device id.
  3. PM me your the email you are using to login to the WebIDE

let me know your email sir.
i will send the information to you.

Thank you so much for you kind.

i cannot find PM box.

Click my name and then click “message” or go here and click “message” to send a PM.