Hosted asset tracking app

Hey everyone!

TLDR version: Would anyone be interested in a hosted web/mobile application for tracking your Electron/Photon asset trackers?

The long version:

I run a small web development shop and we’ve been working on a project for a client that is very similar to an asset tracking app. So similar in fact, that I’ve negotiated the right to use a fork of the software for myself since I’ve been building an asset tracker with the Electron.

This got me thinking that maybe other people would like to use the software as well. I thought I’d gauge interest here before bringing it up with my client. Is this something people would want to use? We are still very early in the dev process, but if there is interest I can get some people onboard early and help shape the tool.

Let me know. Cheers!


Sure sounds interesting. What kind of functionalities are planned? Live tracking, history, graphical interface, perimeters, warnings, etc? Any costs associated?

When it comes to my requirements (like I mentioned, I’m working on my own fork) the very least will include live tracking on a map, route history, geofencing and notifications (mobile push, email, etc).

If there’s enough interest to justify opening this app up to the public, then more features can be requested/hashed out.

At this point I’m not thinking about cost, just focused on building something cool. That said, I also don’t want to go broke releasing this app. Something to worry about only if we get to that point.


I would be interested. I have bought an Asset Tracker and gotten past the very basics to see Lat and Lon in the Particle Dev screen. I have a web based application in mind as an end point, but its definitely a long road if you are not programming savvy. So your app sounds like it could help.

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Thanks @GreyMonkey!

I’m hoping to have a very early/limited version up and running by the weekend. I like to “release early, release often”. I’m willing to let some people in right away so long as they understand bugs and limited features are expected in alpha releases.

I sure would like to check this out also.

Currently the only way I know to easily do this is to send the data to Ubidots for location logging and live view on a Google map.

I do not think they have a go fence feature though which is nice.

They do allow SMS and email messaging though.

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I would be interested in it as well. PM and we can talk.

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Thanks for the interest everyone!

I was hoping to have someone online this weekend but I’m rethinking the map library to use. I’ll keep you all posted once I can start letting users in.

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So it took a little longer than expected. I won’t bore you with the reasons why but I have a very basic version up and running, and ran a successful test this morning during my commute to the office.

If you have a working asset tracker and would like to try it out and help shape this thing, then shoot me an email at

Also I should mention that I spent a few minutes and put up a website and created a Twitter account for it, so I can easily update everyone on what’s new. Check it out if you like. and



Hi there. Thought I’d bump this up since I’ve been slowly and silently working on this app. I’ve been using it for my own devices for awhile now and have allowed other people to use it as well. I’m in the process of opening it up to the public once some bugs are fixed and the mobile app is ready.

If anyone is interested in trying it with their Asset Trackers, feel free to let me know and I’ll get you in. Keep in mind it’s beta software so still some bugs to be squashed. :+1:

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I would be really interested in trying out the app with my own tracker, it’s not the official tracker shield but an off the shield module and some custome firmware.
I’m in the process of prototyping a shield that uses an adafruit moduke so have been focusing on hardware and haven’t found time for anything more than a very basic web app so this looks really interesting.

Shoot me an email @JohnM88 and I’ll get you hooked up.

Thanks, just dropped you an email