Asset Tracker with using MQTT

Hi everyone!

Some of you may be familiar with a web app project I had started called Signal, but if not here’s a bit of background.

I’m a web developer and part-time hardware tinkerer. I started playing with the asset tracker since it first came out and had built a rough web app to track my assets in real-time. I’ve since started slowly adding features and tweaking it to support multiple accounts so that others could use it as well. It was invite only up until last week when I (silently) added the signup and login links to the main website. Everyone is free to try it out.

Previously the app relied on Particle’s Webhook integration to send the coordinates but this week I’ve enabled MQTT support and created a library with an example app called SignalMQTT to make it even easier to get up and running.

If you have an asset tracker and be willing to help test it out, I’ve written up a Hackster tutorial (not yet public) that you can access here:

I’d appreciate any feedback if you do try it out. I also have some other exciting updates coming in the new days/weeks.